Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart


Hamish Maxwell-Stewart is a Professor of Social History based in Hobart. He has a passion for using digital techniques to piece together past lives and has made regular appearances on TV and radio, including the British and Australian version of Who Do You Think You Are.

Hamish Maxwell-Stewart is a professor of social history. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh with a PhD, he worked for the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine at the University of Glasgow before migrating to Australia. Hamish has an extensive track record of working with family and local historians to digitise, clean, code and link historical record groups.  

In recent years he has led a team that have put together 1.6 million digitised Tasmanian records in order to explore the factors responsible for influencing life course and intergenerational outcomes. Hamish is passionate about digital history. He developed the highly successful Diploma in Family History at the University of Tasmania and taught in many of its units. He has also helped to develop a number of highly successful heritage interpretations and has made regular appearances on Who Do You Think You Are.

Although based in Hobart Hamish has recently taken up a position with the University of New England. His current ambition is to work with the history and archaeology team there to create new ways of visualising, analysing and exploring past lives.





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