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John is a professional genealogist in the Netherlands with 30+ years of experience in Dutch genealogy. In his business, called Antecedentia, he offers family history research, heritage trips, translations/transcriptions, and lectures/presentations. He writes articles and often speaks at international events.

John is one of few full-time genealogy professionals in the Netherlands with 30+ years of experience. He started his business, called Antecedentia: Genealogy in the Netherlands, in January 2015. Services include genealogical and probate research, transcriptions and translations of documents, heritage trips, advice and mentoring, lectures and courses. For the last five years he has studied at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (Professional Development Certificate and English Records Certificate) and is currently a student at University of Strathclyde.

He is a board member of THE Genealogy Show, serves as a one of the directors of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and is president of the Academy for Genealogy in the Netherlands.

International magazines such as FamilyTree Magazine (UK), the In-Depth Genealogist and Family TreeMagazine (US) have published his articles. He is also the author of Legacy’s QuickGuide on Dutch genealogy.

Over the years he has spoken for many groups, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since he became a full-time genealogist (October 2018) he has given presentations at THE Genealogy Show UK (June 2019), Ontario Ancestors (June 2019), RootsTech London (October 2019), and RootsTech Salt Lake City (February 2020). He gave online presentations about Dutch genealogy for The Surname Society, Legacy/MyHeritage and APG’s Virtual Chapter.



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