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COVID-19 Update

In the wake of Covid-19 difficulties in hosting a live event, we are currently restructuring FHDU 2021 for a virtual event.

Sadly, the ongoing COVID-19 saga has caught up with FHDU 2021. We have reluctantly decided to change our in-person event into a fully virtual online event instead. We were all looking forward to a real, live, in-person event. Unfortunately, that is not to be.

But this gives us the opportunity to significantly re-format FHDU 2021. We are looking at this as a positive opportunity. We can now bring a significantly more valuable event to people around the globe.

Shauna Hicks

Archivist, speaker, author, Queensland

Shauna Hicks has been tracing her family history since 1977 and is a well-known speaker at conferences, seminars, and genealogy cruises. She is the author of numerous family history guides and the blog, Diary of an Australian Genealogist. Shauna manages her genealogy research business at

Shauna Hicks has been tracing her own family history since 1977 and worked in government for over 35 years in Australian libraries and archives including Queensland State Archives, State Library of Queensland, National Archives of Australia in Canberra, and Public Record Office Victoria in Melbourne.

Shauna has tertiary qualifications from Queensland universities including a Master of Arts in AustralianStudies, a Graduate Diploma in Library Science, and a Diploma in Family Historical Studies from the Society of Australian Genealogists. She is a Fellow of the Queensland Family History Society; a recipient of the Australian Society of Archivists Distinguished Achievement Award and the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations’ Services to Family History Award.

Since retiring from full time work, Shauna has written eleven family history guides including the popular Family History on the Cheap and Where Do I Start? and is the author of the blog, Diary of an Australian Genealogist. A well-known speaker at conferences, seminars, and genealogy cruises, Shauna has a wide range of knowledge on records held in archives and libraries. She now manages her own genealogy research business Shauna Hicks History Enterprises at and tutors at U3A Bribie Island on Advanced Family History and Writing Family History.


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Apps & tools for genealogy: how and why they are useful
Shauna Hicks

This presentation looks at how various apps and tools for phones and tablets can be used for genealogy. Commercial and free subscription sites to record and share family trees online, genealogy software, photo scanning, organising research notes, uploading cemetery information and more will be demonstrated. It is recommended that you trial free versions to see which apps and tools suit your research needs.

Australasian probate records
Shauna Hicks

This presentation examines the value of wills and probate records for family history research. Documents found in probate files include original last will with testator’s signature, a death certificate, inventory of estate, affidavits, and correspondence. Personal examples are given, and all Australian states and territories are covered as well as New Zealand.

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