Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently restructuring this event and website as a virtual event. Stay tuned, we'll have more information for you within a few days!

COVID-19 Update

In the wake of Covid-19 difficulties in hosting a live event, we are currently restructuring FHDU 2021 for a virtual event.

Sadly, the ongoing COVID-19 saga has caught up with FHDU 2021. We have reluctantly decided to change our in-person event into a fully virtual online event instead. We were all looking forward to a real, live, in-person event. Unfortunately, that is not to be.

But this gives us the opportunity to significantly re-format FHDU 2021. We are looking at this as a positive opportunity. We can now bring a significantly more valuable event to people around the globe.

Family History Down Under 2021

23 - 26 March

Are you fascinated with your family history? Are you excited to learn about it from the world's best experts? Are you passionate about passing on your story for the next generation? Yes? We thought so.

Our aim is to give you the knowledge to discover more family connections, pass your story on for future generations, and preserve the chain of history. Welcome to Family History Down Under 2021.











DAY 1  |  TRACK 1

DNA: Genetic Research

Learn the latest on DNA Research from experts around the world.

DNA: Genetic Research

DAY 1  |  TRACK 1
DAY 2  |  TRACK 2

Researching Abroad

Learn from the experts about British Isle and European research

Researching Abroad

DAY 2  |  TRACK 2
DAY 3  |  TRACK 3

Australia & New Zealand

Learn from experts about Australian and New Zealand research

Australia & New Zealand

DAY 3  |  TRACK 3
DAY 4  |  TRACK 4

Methodology & General

Learn from the experts about a wide range of general topics

Methodology & General

DAY 4  |  TRACK 4

Complete Family History Bundle

Want to dive deep into all four of our family history tracks? SAVE 35%, with the megabundle, giving you access to around 70 presentations in total – all those presented at the conference and about 50 more in addition. All are available for viewing until 31 July 2021.

Access recordings until 31 July

According to learning experts, the first time you hear or watch something you only take in 20% of the information, at best!

So we're making sure that you have access to the recordings of every talk in the track(s) you book for. So don't stress—you can watch, review, and take in all the great content our experts are bringing you.

Meet our speakers

Australia has never seen anything like this before. A line up of national and international family history speakers to help teach and guide you on your research journey.

Take a deep dive into family history

Shut the door, sit down, and don't forget the popcorn! Grab your notebook and relax in your own home while you enjoy 4 days of streamed webinars.

Each day / track will have a focused theme from some of the best family history experts. The themes include DNA, Researching Abroad, Australia & New Zealand, and Methodology & General.

Learn at home in style

An innovative solution to help you interact with speakers and other family historians – four exclusive digital hubs (Facebook groups), one for each track theme.

Ask questions relating to the presentations and track themes. Speakers and others with expertise are encouraged to participate for up to a week after. This is a much stronger Q&A forum than just a few minutes at the end of a talk, and it is open to those who don’t “attend” the conference itself.

Have your questions answered

All conference sessions will be recorded and available to you to review at your convenience. Four days of talks are a lot to take in and we really want you to enjoy the full benefits.

Too much to watch in 4 days? Clashes with other commitments? Time zone doesn’t suit? No problem! Whether you join the conference or not, you get full to access to those presented at the conference and about 50 more in addition. All are available for viewing until 31 July 2021 – at times convenient to you.

Rewatch Recordings

As we’ve reshaped and rebuilt FHDU 2021 through the difficulties of COVID-19, we are immensely thankful for your patience.

The change to an all-virtual conference opens up new opportunities. We can now bring many enhanced benefits – a higher value prize pool and many more special offers from our sponsors and other partners. And we have more in store as well.

Bonuses, prizes, and more

If you're considering booking for Family History Down Under 2021 here's some useful information.

Open for Bookings

Book for specific tracks individually
Save 35% by booking the megabundle
Get access to recordings till 31 July
Be included in the AU$10,000 prize draw
Ask questions on the dedicated Facebook Groups
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