In the wake of Covid-19 difficulties in hosting a live event, we are currently restructuring FHDU 2021 for a virtual event.

Our Speakers

More Speakers Coming Soon

Australia & New Zealand

Presenting in-person, unless otherwise indicated

•  Dr Kate Bagnall (Tas) **
•  Carol Baxter (NSW)
•  Louise Coakley (Qld)
•  Melanie Dunstan (Qld)
•  Kerry Farmer (NSW)
•  Shauna Hicks (Qld)
•  Ben Hollister (SA)
•  Mel Hulbert (NSW)
•  Jenny Joyce (NSW)
•  Eric Kopittke (Qld)
•  Rosemary Kopittke (Qld)
•  Dr Tom Lewis (NT)
•  Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (Tas)
•  Allan Murrin (NSW) **
•  Jason Reeve (NSW)
•  Charlotte Sale (Qld)
•  Monika Schwarz (Vic)
•  Cathie Sherwood (Qld)
•  Helen Smith (Qld)
•  Dr Imogen Wegman (Tas) **
•  Sharn White (NSW)
•  Susie Zada (Vic)

** presentations only in the extras or sponsored recordings packages


Presenting virtually

•  Dr Nick Barratt (England)
•  John  Boeren (Netherlands) - European panel
•  Lucie Drouin (France) - European panel
•  Dr Janet Few (England)
•  Fiona Fitzsimons (Ireland) - Irish panel
•  Nathan Dylan Goodwin (England)
•  Caroline Gurney (England)
•  Robert Heimann (Austria)
•  Daniel Horowitz (Israel)
•  Debbie Kennett (England)
•  Mike Mansfield (United States)
•  Chris Paton (Scotland) - Irish panel
•  Jonny Perl (England)
•  Wayne Shepheard (Canada)

We are working on an exciting program and speaker line up for this new 2021 event. Watch out for speaker announcements very soon in the FHDU newsletter and FHDU Facebook group.

Stay Tuned!

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