Now that FHDU 2021 is past, we are currently updating this site.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently restructuring this event and website as a virtual event. Stay tuned, we'll have more information for you within a few days!

COVID-19 Update

In the wake of Covid-19 difficulties in hosting a live event, we are currently restructuring FHDU 2021 for a virtual event.

Sadly, the ongoing COVID-19 saga has caught up with FHDU 2021. We have reluctantly decided to change our in-person event into a fully virtual online event instead. We were all looking forward to a real, live, in-person event. Unfortunately, that is not to be.

But this gives us the opportunity to significantly re-format FHDU 2021. We are looking at this as a positive opportunity. We can now bring a significantly more valuable event to people around the globe.

Unlock the Past has organised well over 100 special events for family and local historians since 2010.

Family History Down Under
 (FHDU) was planned as a sequel to the highly successful DNA Down Under with Blaine Bettinger in 2019. It is the name we will offer world class events under from 2021.

These are:
   •  FHDU 2021 – Sunshine Coast, Queensland
   •  FHDU 2022 – location to be advised
   •  FHDU Online – online mini-conferences brought right to you at home

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