COVID-19 and FHDU Events

Current status

COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on everyone, Family History Down Under (FHDU) included.

In June we decided to defer the original event a year to 2022, so our international speakers could get here. This is now known as FHDU 2022.

At the same time we set up a new event—FHDU 2021. Come September, it became evident, with the ongoing COVID-19 saga, that numbers were likely to be somewhat less than expected in June - and that we needed to either cancel FHDU 2021 altogether or move to a smaller venue.

We decided on the latter, and have now booked the Maroochy RSL.

Maroochy RSL and COVID-19

Maroochy RSL is an excellent venue not far from the original venue.

In normal times it can accommodate 800 people across several theatres. However under current COVID-19 rules in Queensland the conference room capacity is reduced 80% to just 170. We hope that limit will be eased in the coming months, but it may not be.

For now we can only work with the rules as they are. But whether the current capacity rules are eased or not there will be significant differences from the past in the way events will function in 2021.


If the 170 capacity limit is still in place

It is possible attendees may not be allowed to change rooms between sessions. We hope the limit is lifted, but even if it isn't we will see if extra measures can be put in place to allow at least some change between rooms. But this far out we can't be sure with the changing COVID-19 situation and changing government imposed rules.

In the worst case scenario we may require people to book into one track or the other - most likely in early 2021.

In booking now you must be aware of this possibility.

If that situation arises (and only if it does) we will make the recordings of the other track available to attendees for a management cost of $30 for that track package, a significant discount on the normal cost of recordings.


Other COVID-19 notes

As with all venues, Maroochy RSL is required to operate in accordance with an Industry COVID Safe Plan, and the requirements of that plan may change from time to time as directed by the Health Authorities. 

At the conference attendees will need to accept and sign a form acknowledging the Maroochy's COVID-19 Safe Plan requirements, which are currently:

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